Moonoa works.


see an improvement in their sleep quality within a few weeks.

Moonoa has helped thousands of members sleep better.

Scientifically proven results.


fall asleep faster.


wake up less during the night.


feel less tired on a daily basis.

Results based on 534 Moonoa users between July and October 2021.

Moonoa acts on the habits and thoughts that prevent you from sleeping to help you sleep well, once and for all.

  • 70%

    of users see a lasting effect even one year later !

  • 80%

    are no longer taking sleeping pills after the program.

Sleeping pills
Clinically proven
Short-term results
Long-term solution
Quality sleep
100% natural
No risk of addiction
No side effects

Source: A randomized controlled trial of an internet intervention for adults with insomnia: effects on comorbid psychological and fatigue symptoms (, 2013.

Techniques validated by numerous clinical studies.

  • Stanford medicine
  • Harvard Medical School
  • University of Oxford
  • Universitätsklinikum Freiburg
  • Bordeaux 1 Sciences Technologies
  • Institut de Neurosciences Cognitives et Intégratives d´Aquitaine

The experts behind Moonoa.

  • Irene Rubio-Bollinger

    Irene is a neurologist and specialist in sleep medicine from the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) and Harvard.

    A member of both the European and American Sleep Societies, she is currently head of the sleep unit at Quiron Health Hospital in Spain.

  • Livio de Sanctis

    A psychologist specializing in the treatment of insomnia, Livio is a member of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies.

    He is also a trainer for the French Society for Sleep Research and Medicine and co-author of numerous scientific articles on sleep.


Frequently Asked Questions.

  • This program is for anyone who wants to overcome their sleep disorders, in particular chronic insomnia, and to improve their sleep quality for good.

    When you register, we assess your sleep through a questionnaire that determines your profile and whether the program is suitable for you.

    The questionnaire helps identify the severity of your sleeping problems in order to offer you a personalized program adapted to your profile.

    The program is 100% online with support from our sleep psychologist coaches.

  • This is a concern that many of our clients have but an unfounded one. Even though your sleeping problems are unique, the cognitive mechanisms behind your behaviors and thoughts are no different from others.

    Cognitive behavioral therapy is recognized by health authorities for its effectiveness on all types of insomnia, including chronic insomnia.

    The Moonoa program is designed to teach you the essential tools to help you put cognitive and behavioral changes in place to make long-term improvements to your sleep. Thanks to Moonoa's technology and the support of our sleep psychologist coaches, we track and analyze your data and adapt the program according to your needs.

    We help you gradually eliminate your sleep-damaging habits, which have become ingrained over time, and teach you new ones that promote quality sleep.

  • During the program, you'll receive the essential tools and insights to make the necessary changes to improve your sleep and daily life. On average, users see significant results in as little as 3 to 5 weeks.

    The intensity, duration, and materialization of your sleep difficulties are unique to you, as is the pace at which you'll want to move forward.

    We've worked hand in hand with somnologists, psychologists, and sleep experts to provide you with the most comprehensive program adapted to your needs.

    Throughout 13 weeks, you'll progress with confidence, alongside our psychologist coaches who are there to ensure you achieve quality sleep that lasts.

  • Numerous studies and scientific research have proven that online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is just as effective as face-to-face therapy.

    Online CBT increases both the accessibility and availability of therapists and therapies in the fight against sleep disorders and chronic insomnia.

    The Moonoa program, 100% online, gives you greater flexibility: you follow it at your own pace and interact with our psychologist coaches when you're available. So, in terms of achieving your goals, the odds are in your favor !

  • Moonoa's mission is to help as many people as possible to live better by sleeping well, in a natural way, and with long-term results.

    Given our mission and the current global health crisis, we've decided to offer the Moonoa program free of charge, with no strings attached.