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How does it work?

Track your nights

Our technology collects all the necessary information to analyze your sleep. Easy to use - just one click at bedtime. Leave your phone in airplane mode overnight? No worries - it still works.

Analyze your sleep

A detailed analysis of your night is available on the app. You'll find a page with your sleep score, statistics, and daily results. Each week, you'll receive a personalized report by email. Along with recommendations, you can follow your progress week after week.

Relax with meditations

Meditating relieves stress and anxiety, your sleep's worst enemies. Free your mind and soothe your soul with Moonoa's exclusive collection of meditations.

Fall asleep easily

Falling asleep has never been easier, thanks to the stories and music especially written and composed for Moonoa.

Contact your coach

Whether it's a quick chat or an individual session, our coaches are there to answer all your questions and encourage you throughout the program.

Challenge yourself

Thanks to our experts, you will learn a lot ( and we mean a lot ) throughout the program. About yourself, your sleep, and your well-being. Then, using the app, you'll turn knowledge into action to make quick and effective progress.

Interact with the Moonoa community

Via our in-app chat, you can interact with other members of the Moonoa family. Share your stories, motivate each other, and remember: your experience and advice are valuable.

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