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My only regret: not starting the program sooner!

I thought my sleeping problems were unresolvable. I had tried so many different things and was always unsuccessful. With the Moonoa program, I sleep all through the night. Although the duration is still a little short, the quality is so much better. I finally have the energy I thought I'd lost forever.

Excellent 4.6

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  • It's really worth it!

    A friend recommended Moonoa to me but I was a little skeptical at first. Many thanks to the coaches who reassured me during each step of the program. I loved discovering my challenges every week and seeing the changes gradually take hold. Even my family notice the difference in me!

    Sarah, 36 years 5.0
  • I 100% recommend it!

    Since the birth of my son + my job, I had got into the habit of sleeping only a few hours a night. I really didn't think I could change. I am pleasantly surprised by the program - it's easy to understand, interactive, and I love the support from the coaches. Little by little, I feel better, fitter and I'm much more patient with my family during the day.

    Salim, 38 years 5.0
  • I've gone from 4 to 7 hours of sleep a night

    I have a very stressful job so I've got used to only sleeping a few hours a night. Since using Moonoa, I have gradually started to improve my lifestyle.

    Julian, 40 years 4.04
  • Simply brilliant

    I've always been athletic so I was looking for a way to sleep better to help me reach my new fitness goals. Since Moonoa, I feel more in shape, and I have more energy during my workouts.

    Julia, 29 years 3.0
  • Really helped my COVID anxiety

    Since the first lockdown, I had difficulty falling asleep. I'm very anxious by nature, but my insomnia had become more and more of an issue. I spent hours in my bed without being able to sleep. Now I've finally found a suitable program for my problem. Today, I fall asleep much faster, and no longer suffer from insomnia. I feel less alone, even in lockdown.

    Mark, 37 years 5.0
  • The best!

    I'm so happy to have discovered the Moonoa community... You'll never feel alone again when it comes to your sleeping problems.

    Andrea, 33 years 5.0
  • Feeling zen

    I can sleep well even during exam periods. The coaches are great listeners.

    Jukes, 22 years 5.0
  • A great discovery

    I fall asleep much faster at night and I'm less tired in the morning. Very happy!

    Maud, 45 years 5.0
  • Thank you!

    I was depressed after a difficult breakup and couldn't sleep anymore. I don't mean to sound over the top but Moonoa genuinely changed my life. No more anxiety at bedtime... I can finally sleep peacefully.

    Noah, 49 years 5.0
  • The worst is over!

    I was dreading the sleep restriction period, but it really worked for me. After 2 difficult weeks, it feels amazing to get into bed and fall asleep in such a short time. Thank you!

    Eric, 57 years 5.0
  • Great

    I fall asleep faster at night and feel less tired when I wake up, thank you!!!

    Anthony, 39 years 5.0
  • Mom and former insomniac

    It's hard to juggle my life as a mom and my job. With Moonoa, I feel supported, I sleep better, I've created good habits. I now make the most of my nights (resting well) so that I can face my days.

    Judith, 52 years 5.0